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We offer a full and bespoke range of fitness & mental health support plans in small group and one-to-one program settings.


It's really up to you how you start, we recommend taking a deap dive into our high level stuff to get the most bang for your buck but starting at the easier end and working your way up is still better than not starting at all!

What we do!

Our primary is to support people suffering from past or present trauma and help them build resilience around their mental and physical pain. What we aim to accomplish is a solid foundation for you to build upon and this will ensure you are on a trajectory to thrive throughout your life, both physically and mentaly.


We then have the mental support and guidance coming from the therapist Mandy who will be guiding your journey to really help you try and heal from your traumatic experiences! 


Each week we both individually assign you homework that are the problem solving tools to be able to deal with your everyday life. This homework is in the form of daily or weekly tasks that we expect you to complete week on week to enable us to track your progress and help you understand anything you get confused on as fundamentally these homework document we provide are the tools that you get to keep and will need throughout your entire life. You can reuse these tools if ever your triggered or regres in the future, so you get everything you need in the next 12 weeks! After the course you have the knowledge and tools to cope whenever you have a relapse! 


We will always be here if you need extra support, we don't just dump you when the course is over we ensure that you are cared and provided for, for as long as you need, some people stay on with us and complete a lot of extra physical training with James and some stay on with Mandy for extra mental support.

In terms of what our High Level Coaching program actually looks like: It’s a 12 week program, we hold your hand every step along the way to ensure you’re moving forward. You’ll be working directly with James and Mandy (trauma trained specialist therapist) to help you anytime you get stuck. Each phase is broken down into 2-4 pillars which takes about a week, some are divided into 2 weeks as they are much more detailed than others, with the goal of getting your emotional toolbox completely built up in 12 weeks so that you have everything you need to allow you to unlock the problem solving abilities to cope with daily challenges easier.

These are the different programs we offer:

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