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We provide a wide variety of mental and physical support in the way of online coaching. My company Mind & Body Fitness has been built by myself specifically for helping people with pain & mental health issues to be able to take control back In their life and deal with any kind of past or present trauma so you can live as much of a mental and physical pain free life as possible. As I have been through many different traumas, states of depression and anxiety I feel in a very good position to be able to provide a quality service specifically tailored to the individuals needs. I have also partnered up with specialist counselors to target the issue from a mental and physical standpoint to ensure you make drastic progress in a 12 week period.

How we help 

You’ll be working directly with me and a 1:1 trauma trained specialist therapist to help you anytime you get stuck.

The high-level coaching course, in terms of what it actually looks like: It’s a 12 week program, we hold your hand every step along the way to ensure you’re moving forward, and really specialise in targeting the mind and body, hence the company name. Through personal experience from my end and our therapists perspective, as if you don't take care of your body your mind will never be right and if you don't take care of your mind your body will never be right. 

Our Clients Say

"James is a brilliant trainer! His training style
is based on tried and true training methods
rather than the newest workout fads. He
really focuses on what your goals are and
works with you to create workouts that are
both fun and challenging. I’ve never
worked so hard or laughed so hard!
Instead of training being a chore I look
forward to every session."

Jodie Gold - Full time mum 

Our Clients Say

"James is a competent and capable trainer
who supports you and will work with you to
help you achieve your goals. He pays
attention to the macro and micro and can
remind you of your goals when you may
falter - always good to have that motivation
and someone who can not be your
conscious but remind you of it!"

Judy Friedlander 

Our Clients Say

"Throughout the last few months I've been training with James, I have been able to achieve goals that I could not have imagined of having achieved at such a young age and short time from training with him. James has pushed me every session to a point that I get a buzz of satisfaction afterwards and couldn't wait for our next session. As well as helping me understand nutrition, diets, the importance of resting and stretching, correct technique and how I can change exercises that vary for my specific goal, James always finds a way to make me laugh, making the gym environment a place that I enjoy greatly."

Max Crawford - School Rowing Competitor 

Our Clients Say


"James Gulliver is an inspiring health and
fitness professional.  I personally trained
with James in Sydney and his knowledge of
both physical and mental fitness was both
impressive and inspiring.  Too often fitness
professionals have little knowledge

of mental health and wellbeing science.
James's commitment to his education and
development makes him a highly valued
service provider."

Suzy Green - Writer 

Our Clients Say


"James is an outstanding trainer. His deep
knowledge of training programs means he
is able to link specific exercises to our
training goals. The results have been better
and faster than I expected."

- Ken Barton

Our Clients Say

"I have been training with James for several
months now, I find him to be professional,
motivating and encouraging. He is helping
me achieve my fitness goals in strength and
weight loss. I highly recommend James as
a personal trainer"
Chris Mavrocrodatos - Entrepreneur 

Our Clients Say

"I have been training with James for the past
month. James is highly professional and
perceptive as to when he needs to push me
harder and when to perfect my form.
Attention to detail is given with each
session along with words of motivation and
humour when required. I highly recommend
James to anyone wanting to get fit or
maintain their fitness."

Jenny Herbert Smith 

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